Automate Deforum Keyframe Animations with Waveforms

Sync keyframe values to bpm, rhythm, and wave shape with simple parameters. Say goodbye to huge strings of raw keyframe data.

Version 0.1 - Built by Jack G#7167 - message me if you have questions or feedback.

  1. Getting Started
  2. - Fill out the fields below, copy the formula, then paste the formula in a Deforum motion parameter field you want to affect.
  3. - Note: You must enter a frame number before the formula, for example:
  4. ✅ Do this: translation_z: 0: (your-formula),
  5. ✅ Or this: translation_z: 0: (your-formula), 48: (your-other-formula), ...
  6. ❌ Not this: translation_z: (your-formula),
  7. - For a deeper look at math/formulas in Deform, read this doc.
  8. - You can view a graph of your formula by pasting it into Graphtoy. (use x in the formula instead of t)
  9. - Have fun! Excited to see what people make :)


Fill in the fields below and copy a formula generated at the bottom of the page. Note: Your inputs will automatically update the outputs as you change them.


Copy and paste a formula below into your desired motion parameter

Saw Wave Formula (Crest 0.5, Trough -0.5)

Saw Wave is useful for bouncy motion

Sine Wave Formula (Crest 0.5, Trough -0.5)

Sine Wave is useful for smooth motion

Bump or Dip Formula (experimental)

Bump or Dip is useful for strength and noise schedules to periodically refresh the diffusion. Use negative amplitude value for dips or positive for bumps.